After almost two decades of productive work, teaching and research we are still as passionate about it as when we started. These years of experience taught us that accomplishing the highest quality in our plans is not something that you do on your own – this is something you do together with dedicated clients, advisors and end users. In fact, communication and cooperation are one of our most important and effective design tools.

Architectenbureau Micha de Haas was founded in 1997 and is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Our core activities focus on design & research in the fields of architecture, urban planning, spatial strategies and concept development.

Our clients are very divers, from governmental organizations to private owners and from commercial developers to NGO’s and foundations. In some cases we initiate our own development and research projects.

In our work we cooperate with colleagues and professionals from various disciplines in the arts, technology and (social) sciences. We don’t work in a ’bubble’ of our own, but regard our work as an act of participation in a larger process.

Our work method focuses on both process and product. All of our assignments share an integral approach; analytical, technical, methodological and conceptual. Everything is being done in order to produce coherent, well thought of designs of the highest quality.