mission statement

It is our belief that architecture is a naturally optimistic profession. In addition to the obvious enjoyment we get out of our work, we also feel that you can only design well in the conviction that you are improving things.

In this context, in the most basic form of idealism and engagement, we aim to ‘improve the world’, even on the smallest scale, with our designs.

Our primary responsibility is to the clients who make our work possible. In addition to this, we have a responsibility to the users, the city and its inhabitants, the environment and much more….

We regard our designs as a success when we succeed in merging our ambitions and many responsibilities with those of our clients.

We want to create SENSE-ible architecture: buildings that make sense in a practical day to day manner, but are also sensory and meaningful.

The time aspect is of crucial importance in our designs. Our projects are designed for life. We want them to be responsive to changes, and become part of the collective memory of the city.

Quality is, in our view, a synonym to sustainability.
Reducing the environmental load of our designs is a major challenge of the highest priority in our work, but it always goes hand in hand with social, spatial and economical sustainability.

Participation and communication
Our work does not take place in an ivory tower... We want to get to know the users of our buildings and experience the conditions on the spot in the most direct way possible. We strongly believe that participation and communication are key factors for a successful process.

Our ambition is to make a meaningful contribution to our profession. Our designs are not characterized by a specific style – change and development is the real constant factor in our work.
We aim to keep moving and changing, to keep reviewing or appraising and developing our work methods - to always keep learning.