BrainTraining the Haarlem way


Nobody questions the importance of the metropolitan region around Amsterdam. It is simply an essential development for the position of and future of Amsterdam in an increasingly global economy. In that respect it is also undeniably important for the inhabitants of Haarlem, specifically for those who live & work on the east banks of the Spaarne river. But how to bridge the gap between metropolitan ambition and the nodes of inhabitants of the East of Haarlem who do not see their collection of very specific, local neighbourhoods as being part of an international spatial strategy?
It's a brainteaser...

Micha de Haas developed a series of BrainTraining excercises as a spatial stategy for Haarlem East, together with urban planners, artists, inhabitants, developers, sociologists and infrastructural experts. Contact us for the complete essay! info@michadehaas.nl

Micha de Haas
- www.michadehaas.nl
Angie Abbink
- www.abbinkxco.nl
Anne Hemker, Urban Sociologist
-    www.stadstij.nl
Marjolijn Boterenbrood, Artist
-   www.marjolijnboterenbrood.nl
Eric Groen , Processmanager/Advice
-   www.abcmg.nl
Milembe Mateyo, Urban planning
-   www.portofamsterdam.nl
Boudewijn Bach, Infrastructure 
-   www.stad-en-verkeer.nl
Jan Dekker, Urban Planning 
- www.spaarne-en-de-stad.nl
Simone vd Brink, Processmanager/Advice
-   www.abcmg.nl
Hella Hendriks, conceptdevelopment
-   www.hendrikscpo.nl
Machiek Bakx, Sustainable Development
- www.machielbakx.nl
Arjan Dubois
Monique Idema
Jan Slijkerman