This 'House for the Neighbourhood' - 'HuiB' in short - is located on Wittenburg Island- a former harbour island in the centre of the city, where the relentless interventions of post-war urban renewal plans are clearly present, but the turbulent harbour days are still deeply rooted in the neighbourhood’s heritage. HuiB will be a beacon for the inhabitants of Amsterdam’s Eastern Islands offering social facilities, education, daycare-centre, and workspace, all combined on a city square of metropolitan scale.
The complex programme with great social importance, is the new meeting place for the entire neighbourhood, at the symbolically important site opposite the old East Church. With HuiB the neighbourhood gains a sturdy, bold, and headstrong building with urban ambitions, but still firmly aware of it's origins on the island. A building with a soul, a loyal creature that invites you to come home to him.